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How well does your team play? Or better yet, perform?  Our goal is to provide creative activities that will unify each individual group by working together to solve problems.  All of the programs are created with goals of increase leadership skills, cooperation, communication and collaboration with the end result being increase unity.  Teams are encouraged to “beat the game”, not the other teams.  These objectives offer a creative way to combine a team activity with a learning experience.  Programs include:
Team Fun

Team building is fun when it can be done with positive results.  Event Centrale has the ability to mix all ages and athletic abilities to form a team and for that team to build cooperation and unity in a non-threatening competition.  Whether you have six teams of sixty, we will plan the perfect event for the number of participants. Time of day, location and desired results for your team activity.  Team fun programs can be customized to meet any goal or format and are great for energizing an afternoon meeting or even as part of an evening theme party.  Programs include:

Select a theme and we will produce a quality event with creative programming and top notch equipment to keep your group “playing with a purpose”.

A full scale production that is quite the show.  We offer several styles to keep your group learning and laughing.  Survey says, “It’s a lot of fun!!”

A creative event which allows teams or individuals to breed, show, race and win with our unusual horses.

Give us your best gambler’s face and we will turn your room into a high-stakes casino.  Test Lady Luck and prove who knows when to hold ’em and when to fold ‘em.

Capture the team spirit of the company while building team player relations with one of our fun-filled Sports Nights.  Interactive inflatable games and sport challenges await your group in an evening of competition.

Shape up the company with one of our morning fun runs.  A fun and healthy way to get your group up and running for the day.




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